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Monday, March 26, 2012

Waving to Taylor's~

Dear Taylorian,

Hi, Today is my last day after 3 years over I served Taylor’s which is specifically Taylor's College Subang Jaya. I’ve gained a lot of experience in Taylor's and it is time for me to spread my wings and make a Hijrah (migration) for my future and learn a new things based on what I've learnt. It is time for me to broaden my experience at new place, new environment, a different job scope, and so on.

Thanks to Mr. Lim & Mr. Thou because always give a great smile. :) Thanks also to Puan Jefrina for the advice during my service. Thanks to all Taylorian who know me either direct or indirect for this over 3 years especially library team.

To TCSJ team, Melissa, Haizir, Mista G, Yan Ping and Azizee you are the best guys..

To IRD team that always cheer up the day:- Fadzli, Hanani, Wilmina, Shuhada, Aqeela, Kak Mala, Kak Masrina, Azriena, Mas Ayu, Izani & Barkath. Chillax in every second you have..

Thanks to TCSH team, Diana, Fadhli & Komathi..

Thanks also dedicated to the Lakeside colleagues Azura, Afdhal, Premanathan, Rajender, Sangeetha, Saharah, Kak Fadhilah, Wei Haan, Elzo, Annur, Syra, Stephanie, Regina & for those who I have not mentioned here..

Thanks also to Elliza, Roslina, Adzlyn, Siti, Fau, Ira, syazlin, Hafiz for being friends of mine.. J

Last but not least to Mrs. Susan Z, Kak Jamalia, stella, Sumathi and Pushpa.. Thanks for the opportunity, the teachings, the training, the lesson that you all give when first time I’ve join the team until now. I will miss you all!

Au revoir!!


Hand-waving, Fazz


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