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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shopping Raya 1433H

Salam Ramadhan day 12th for 1433H.. Praise to Allah that we have fasting for this long. Which is almost at the middle of the month of Ramadhan. Talk about shopping raya, have you all shopping for raya? I believe that some of you done with phase one of shopping. For me there is no phase two or three and so on. This year I have to budget my expenses as some of you know that I am a migrator (nomads) and this is my first experience being a migrator. haha.. So know I know how is migrators out there feels.

Okay back to the story, for this year I just buy a Baju Melayu and T-shirts from Zalora. ngee~ Why I buy Baju Melayu this year? This is because I never changed it since 2004. LOL.. And the main reason is my mom said that I have to follow the theme color for this year, it is 'not so bright green'. haha.. where got that color? never mind I'll manage to find it. Hope so. :) Happy Shopping for Raya to readers~

Jom klik sini untuk shopping raya sakan~

P/S:nak pegi buka parcel jap.

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