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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Merdeka Raya Celebration

yesterday on 10/9/2012, there is ceremony for Merdeka Raya in conjunction to welcome our new Chancellor at my workplace. the ceremony were rousing and a lot of food can find there. every department has to setup a stall and provide food to all. Refer to that, my department stall was decide to provide or in other word, sponsor various types of traditional Melaka kuih or cake in english. Among them are kuih cara berlauk (side dish style cake. not really know how to translate the name of this cake), kuih talam dua muka (two-faced pie), kuih kasuwi, and many more.

Another thing is, were also have to decorate our stall by using our creativity. Again we have to decide what should we do. After the discussion, decision have made to decorate the stall by old inspiration. Everyone has their own task. for who have old fashion tray, plate, etcetra, they have to bring it. for those who doesn't have anything like me, just extend a helping hand. Most of the time I just help them to cover the counter duty at both library, main and law library as on that time were operate as usual. Oh ya! stalls are built from bamboo and roofed with palm leaves. Those are effort from male staff. And the result as follow.

On that day I can find various types of food and beverages. There are also stalls with variety of ways decking. I was attracted with one stall who has displayed or decorate their stall with gramophone, and that is the first time ever I saw it live. Before this I just watch it on television. It is a good idea to display an antique items on that day as a gaze for those who never seen it before just like me. Stop my entry here and enjoy the picture. Till meet again.

SHDL Melaka team

Another angle of SHDL Melaka team

kuih muih (cakes)

Display only


The winner stall

No need to rush to the malls – Zara brings the sales to you!

What’s your happily ever after story?

P/S: as most of the time I extend my helping hand to cover the counter duty at both library, my picture does not exist. and those picture I steal from colleagues Facebook. Evil laugh



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