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Friday, December 28, 2012

experience with nile.com.my

Last week on Friday I was blog walking and suddenly saw kat blog abang Nara entry dia pasal nile.com.my. Guess what is Nile? its an online shopping mall. tanpa membuang masa terus klik kat link nile tersebut. There is a lot of thing yang superb and I was like "I want this.. I want this.. I want this.. and this.. plus this.. I want it all". Because the price is so reasonable.

Some of their item not even RM50 plus the courier cost. Can you believe that? Memandangkan budget tak mengizinkan, I just grab a bag. and other itemssss is next time. Hope that they still have the stock of that item in future when I already have enough money for that.

Cantek smpai Kak June jeles
Oh ya I received my item that I purchased in 3 working days. Received it on Thursday because on Tuesday is a Christmas Day. The material of the bag is sooooo good sebab my colleague cakap "berapa ratus beg ni?". And I said its only RM42.10 plus the courier cost. OK nak pegi tayang beg. haha larikkk!

P/S: almost all of the items is Korean style.

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