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Thursday, August 9, 2012

New ranking for popular post

salam Ramadhan days 20.. Alhamdulillah and praise to Allah because were have been 20 days in Ramadhan. For this entry I would happy to announce that the entry which is titled by RUBIdin were drop to the second place beat by entry titled My Zalora's Experience. The RUBIdin entry been the popular entry for over a year. Now it is Zalora time to take the place.

Anyway I have read about the bad side experience from other blogger which is also a shopper from Zalora. I feel sorry to hear that. Praise to Allah that for twice time I buy items from Zalora there is no inconvenience caused happen to me. For the first time it was surprising me because I don't expect that the item will arrive on the next day. I don't even aware with the "At your door within next business day if ordered before 2:00pm (2 days for East Malaysia". And I was aware about it on second purchase.

Anyway, my advice to Zalora please do not disappointing  your prospect. It will take effect on you.

P/S: Sorry for the readers from US, Japan, Norway and Belgium because the entry before was in Malay. Anyway you can read the summary on the second paragraph. Sorry for the broken English. Peace!

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